As a result of the recent pandemic, we have taken the decision to no longer offer travel insurance policies 'in house'. This is not a decision that we have taken lightly.

Whilst we will be unable to provide you with any advice or guidance, you can still purchase cover with Just Travel via the links to their website below. Although any documentation issued will show our name, if you have any queries you should contact Just Travel direct on 0800 954 0178, mention our name, and they will be able to assist you.

Single Trip

  • Cover for a single trip to the UK, Europe or Worldwide. This cover is available for customers aged from 18 to 99.Quote and Buy

Annual Multi Trip 

  • Cover for any number of trips to the UK, Europe or Worldwide within a year. This cover allows you to choose the maximum length of each trip from 21,31,45, 61 or 93 days. Maximum trip length will depend on your age.  Quote and Buy

Additional Holiday Options

  • Winter sports option: Includes cover for off-piste skiing, snowboarding and more.
  • Business equipment option: This covers business equipment whilst you are away from home doing managerial or clerical work or other non-manual work.
  • Excess waiver: Where the additional premium for excess waiver is paid, there will be no excess deducted from a claim under certain sections of the policy.
  • Personal belongings exclusion: If your household insurance covers personal belongings away from home, you can exclude this section and reduce your premium.
  • Cancellation exclusion: If you wish to exclude this section then there will be a reduction in your premium.
Very Important.

All Pre-Existing Medical
Conditions must be declared in order for medical claims to be considered. Any condition discussed with your doctor, and where prescribed drugs may have been issued must be declared. Failure to declare a condition, no matter how minor, may result in a claim being refused, even if the condition is not related to the claim. If in any doubt, always declare the condition.

If you suffer from a serious Pre-Existing Medical Condition, then cover for the condition may be excluded or cover declined, or the insurers may agree to include cover for the condition, subject to an additional premium being payable. You may wish to arrange a more specialist policy by using the new travel insurance directory

This is a Directory of firms that specialise in travel insurance for people with serious medical conditions and is on the Money Advice Service website link above, or telephone the Money Advice Service on 0800 138 7777.

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