Liability Insurance

Do you need Liability Insurance? If you employ people, then yes. Employers Liability is compulsory by law. If you are a one man band then arranging cover is still advisable.

It is impossible to eliminate all risks if you are running a business. If you or your employees cause damage to someone or their property, and are deemed responsible, then you may have to pay the amount claimed, which, in the worst case scenario, could run to many millions of pounds. By taking out Liability cover you are protecting your business against going bankrupt should the worst happen.

We can offer you a wide range of Public, Products and Employers Liability Covers to suit your needs. Here are just a few examples of the following trades for which cover is available:

  • Builders
  • Carpenters
  • Gardeners
  • Hairdressers
  • Heating and Plumbing Engineers
  • Painters and Decorators
  • Window Cleaners
  • Carpet Fitters
  • Tilers
  • Non-Manual trades such as graphic designers, marketing etc.

Most policies provide optional extensions of cover to include tools, temporary employees, contract works and professional indemnity.

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